Mr. David Silverberg and Ms. Lauren Wetzel are very knowledgeable and professional when it comes to family law.  Mr. Silverberg showed compassion and understanding for me throughout the entire process.  Whenever Mr. Silverberg communicated with me, I felt he always put me first.  During my initial encounter with Mr. Silverberg, he listened and gave helpful advice even before I requested him to represent me.  Whenever I called, he would always talk to me until I had no additional questions or concerns.  I feel very fortunate to find such a true jewel (Mr. Silverberg) to represent me in my time of need.  God Bless you.


Emma S.


David and Lauren have been great to work with through my child custody/support case and then through our adoption case.  He worked with us through all the ups and dows that come with it.  I highly recommend David and would use him again.


Bethany A.


I was unprepared emotionally when my marriage unraveled and it became clear that I was going to be going through a divorce.  I was making plans to reenter the workforce and at the same time trying to figure out how to be a single mother of three young children.  A lengthy divorce or court battle was the last thing on my mind.  Thankfully I was referred to the Law Offices of E. David Silverberg to represent me during the divorce process.  Mr. Silverberg, and his Paralegal Ms. Lauren Wetzel, was the best thing that could have happened to me during this difficult time.  They listened to me and understood all of my needs and took the time to make sure I was prepared for the divorce process and that my interests were protected.  They answered all of my questions, phone calls, and emails quickly and treated me as if I were their only client.  David negotiated a fair divorce settlement that protected me, avoided a drawn out court battle, and ensured that I would have fair custody of my children with the means to support them.  When my now ex-husband chose to violate the agreement David and Lauren were right there by my side again.  They immediately took action and quickly had the matter resolved in court in my favor.  I cannot say enough about David and Lauren and all of the work they do.  I do not wish divorce on anyone, but if you will be going through the divorce process then you should do so with them at your side.  David and Lauren have my eternal gratitude and thanks.


Amy B.


Wow! What a lawyer!  I was doing the same thing you are doing . . . looking online for a reputable attorney.  A friend had recommended an attorney he was using out of Parkville (no longer in business) and after paying him over 11K and doing all the work myself I started looking online.  I happened to see E. David Silverberg’s site and called to make an appointment.  At the end of my consultation I was ready to sign the paperwork, but David will not do that.  He wants you to take a day or so to make sure before hiring him.  My divorce was one of the tough ones (as every one of them are) with a lot of emotion, conflict and BS that played into it.  David and his paralegal Lauren (I can’t say enough about her) kept everything moving forward to get this resolved as quickly and least expensively as possible.  The communication was fantastic! I always received documents or CD’s that let me know where we were and what was next.  My daughter had lived with me since the separation and David was able to ensure it stayed that way after the divorce.  We were able to settle out of court with the Judge signing the paperwork because my ex refused.  All I can tell you is that with the years of experience David and Lauren have you will be well taken care of!  One piece of advice . . . keep your emotions out of it!  Easier said than done . . .


Bob E.


Thank you David.  I appreciate everything you and Lauren did for me.  I will sound the horn on how your firm took an interest in my case.  Thank you, thank you.


Bill B.


David worked tirelessly on my case, and I always felt like he had my and my children’s best interests at heart.  He is very experienced and knows family law well, which helped tremendously with the complexity of my circumstances.  He and Lauren treated me like family and never made me feel like I was just another client.  All of this together made a very stressful time easier to bear.


Karyn S.


I went through a separation and divorce where child custody and support were the major factors of the case.  This was an extremely devastating time in my life.  As a father, I was very unsure of how this would all turn out for me.  When I first met with David in his office, I knew right away he was going to help me get through this.  David came highly recommended from a friend and as I found, his experience and expertise were second to none.  From meetings with David in his office, telephone conversations and preparation for trial, I went into the courtroom with confidence and a positive feeling that the outcome would be in my favor, and it always was.


Jack S.


David and Lauren, there are not enough words to express the gratitude we feel for your expertise, competence and guidance in getting us to this point.  I still feel like I’m dreaming – is this real, did it really happen?  It would never have happened if it weren’t for the work you both did.


Joan G.


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